Heres Who Youd Be On The Bachelor Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

ENTP: The contestant who drinks too much on night one, jumps in the pool, and is instantly eliminated.

ESFP: The contestant who wins the first impression rose and is targeted for the rest of the season.

INTJ: The contestant who doesnt get along with the other contestants because they want to talk smart things, and gets called out on After The Final Rose.

ISTJ: The contestant who thinks that everyone else is there for the wrong reasons.

ENTJ: The contestant who probably IS there for the wrong reasons.

ESTJ: The contestant who thinks that winning every physical challenge means winning the show and is super confused when theyre eliminated.

ISTP: The contestant who gets bored and leaves on their own.

INFP: The contestant who opens up about their tragic past in the middle of a raging pool party.

ENFP: The contestant who gets super jealous if they arent chosen for all of the fun, adventurous dates.

ISFP: The contestant whos always crying.

INFJ: The constant who comes onto the show as a skeptic, then ends up genuinely falling for the bachelor/bachelorette.

INTP: The contestant who wont open up emotionally.

ESTP: The contestant who has a side affair with one of the producers.

ISFJ: The contestant who is DEFINITELY there for the right reasons.

ENFJ: The contestant who makes it to the final three and gives an empowering speech while getting eliminated, earning them the spot as the next bachelor(ette).

ESFJ: The contestant who Wins. Every. Time.

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