Heres What Kind Of Wife And Mom Shell Be, Based On Her Birth Month + Zodiac

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A Capricorn mother born in January will always be the organized one. She’ll have the family trips planned. The kid’s lunches packed. She’ll be on top of everything. She’s also someone who is a protective mama bear trying to her best to simply be the best. Even though under the surface she always wonders if she’s making the right choice when it comes to her family.

A Capricorn wife is one who is very stubborn in her ways. Her partner probably is a little easier going than she is. While she comes across as cold and heartless sometimes it’s all an act protecting a heart that feels things so deeply and it’s her husband that knows exactly who she is.


An Aquarius mother born in January tends to beat to her own drum. What many consider weird, a husband looks at as unique and beautiful. The fact she’s a little bit different means the kids she raises will be too. But it’s a good thing. She teaches them to accept everyone and be kind.

As a wife, she’s very independent. While she might rely on her spouse she can handle her own on most days. She tends to make everything look so easy. The only issues in the marriage are the moments she needs to be alone and think things through. Aquarius women tend to give the silent treatment until they process things and can understand it themselves then proceed to resolve the issue.



An Aquarius mother born in February tend to be a little tamer and like to follow the rules. They take a lot of pride in flaws and not trying to be perfect. They raise kids who are confident and strive to do their best-replacing pressure with acceptance. She’s a worrier. Constantly staying awake until the kids get home. Constantly checking in. The parent who is on top of every move they make.

As a wife, she tends to wear the pants in the relationship. The one who makes the calls and organizes everything and does it well. She shows love and affection quietly in the form kisses goodbye, pulling a husband close while sleeping and saying thank you often. She is someone who is loyal and honest and that’s what makes the marriage thrive.


A Pisces mother is one of the most compassionate of all. She’s sensitive and kinder than most teaching her kids the importance of how you treat people. She has a good relationship with all her kids, one built on trust and friendship. Whenever something goes wrong they turn to her first.

As a wife, she loves harder than anyone and shows it. Her marriage is one of her top priorities and it’s a strong one at that. The only issues that arise are when her husband has to be the tough one with the kids because it doesn’t come naturally to her. But it’s that sensitivity and compassion he fell in love with so he’s fine wearing the shoes he has to.



A Pisces mother born in March is one of the best mothers because caring for others is just something that comes very naturally to her. There were some people who were just born to be mothers and she’s one of them.

As a wife, a Pisces born in March has her share of flaws. She sees the best in everyone and gets taken advantage of by others. So it’s up to her husband to look out for her. She is someone who needs a lot of attention and praise because she thrives knowing she’s good enough for others. This results in a lot of effort on her part and always trying to make her husband feel loved and appreciated. She’s someone who struggles with talking when she’s upset when they have to work through things he doesn’t know how to fix it. But if her greatest flaw is caring too much and thinking too much about others, you can only hope she marries someone worthy.


An Aries mother born in March is someone with a quiet strength she’s never going to show her kids she’s struggling with things. While she prides herself in strength and putting up that front sometimes it makes her unapproachable. The pressure to not mess turns the kids into perfectionists afraid of doing anything wrong which leads to lying sometimes. While an Aries mother has the best intentions she struggles with showing that.

An Aries wife also struggles in showing affection verbally. Instead, she shows affection through gestures. She’s a little rough around the edges sometimes and comes across cold but her husband knows how sensitive she is and that’s what he loves.



An Aries mother born in April is someone who teaches her kids about honesty. She always strives to be the best she can set a good example for them. She’s someone who will say things like it is and is terribly blunt. But everything she says is with the best intentions. Her greatest flaw is she’s sometimes a hothead and the kids will go to their father with problems.

An April Aries as a wife is always going to be the less emotional one of the two. Lovey Dovey isn’t her style. She’s all about doing things with her husband and spending time with him. She’s the wife that’s going to make you laugh harder than anyone even if she’s not trying.


A Taurus mother born in April is a tough cookie and raises her kids to be able to stand on their own two feet. Because she’s so confident in herself she instills that in her children to. They grow up to be leaders on teams, in school and in life never being afraid of a challenge and working hard to achieve things.

As a wife, A Taurus born in born in April values loyalty. You’ll never catch her lying because she can’t. The relationship is going to be built on honesty and respect. And while she might be one who picks fights sometimes having a hard head, she works to resolve the issue. She’ll always respect other’s opinion but is very vocal herself.



A Taurus mother born in May is both tough of more sensitive. She has a bark that’s worse than her bite and has the best intentions even if she doesn’t always clearly convey that. As a mother she’s the one who always volunteers at school events, she’s at every parent-teacher meeting, she’s on top of her kids and knows what they are going to do before they even do it. Kids might consider her controlling but it’s that trait that turns the kids into respectful productive adults who can take care of themselves.

A Taurus wife born in May is like an onion she’s someone you got to peel back one layer at a time. She requires patience and understanding. Understand she’s never going to be the first to say I love you. She’s never going to show affection. It isn’t how she operates. But you’ll see her love and how much she puts into being a mother and that’s what a husband will love most about her.


A Gemini mother born in May is someone so sensitive and understanding. She truly is a mother first and the kids best friend second. And the love they have for her is obvious. They trust her and confide in her and truly believe she is the best person they know. She is someone who always says the right things at the perfect moment to comfort them. She is also the one who encourages them to follow their passion and do things even if it seems crazy.

A Gemini wife is someone who is going to be the most supportive. She’s always going to encourage her husband to take risks. Whether it turns out good or bad, she stands by him. She honors the wedding vows and really will stay through it all. If there’s one thing she’s good at it’s working through things and finding solutions. She looks at marriage as something that isn’t always going to be easy but always worth it. Because even when a husband is difficult and she’s angry, she’s still going to wake up every morning next to him and be grateful.



A Gemini mother born in June is unique because of the two sides to her. She can be both social and extroverted and sensitive and introverted. These two traits help her to connect with her kids even if they are different from each other. She respects them and doesn’t just throw the ‘I’m always right card,’ she knows even her kids have things they can teach her. She happily learns from them and listens to them and helps them to learn about who they are and who they can be.

A Gemini wife born in June has this brightness to her. She sheds light on every dark situation and always strives to see the best. If her husband has a rough day she’ll be the arms that comfort him when he comes home. If he’s had a good day she’ll be the first one wanting to celebrate. If there are two things she is it’s supportive and hardworking and she’s always going to meet him halfway with things.


A Cancer mother born in June is someone who loves the beach and wants her kids to also. Summer vacations never go missed and she teaches them not to be afraid of the ocean that loves it the way she does. She’s someone who shows her kid’s so much love and affection, as they get older they resent that about her in their teenage years. But later appreciates it as adults. She really is a mother with a heart of gold and is that mother in school that makes everyone look bad. To her being a mother is second nature.

As a wife a Cancer born is a wife that remembers everything. She wears her heart on her sleeve and loves with everything she has in her. She’s someone who does want to see the best in people but also has sharp judgment, being able to see who someone really is. What she needs in a husband is someone who is going a value and appreciate her and not take her for granted because so many people in her life have.



A Cancer mother born in July is a summer baby who too loves the beach. To her, that’s where she feels most at peace. Mother’s intuition is so true with a Cancer she seems to know everything that’s going on in her kids lives even if they fail to articulate it. She notices little things like facial expressions or if they are upset and even if they think they are good at hiding it, she gets it out of them. She’s someone who is so sensitive and understanding that the kids almost enjoy telling her everything but like any kid, they don’t want parents to worry. She builds her kids up humbly without making their heads too big, raising kids that turn into outstanding and successful adults.

As a wife, a Cancer born in July goes over the top when it comes to gestures. Both verbally able to articulate how she feels and also shows it. Making anniversaries special as well as birthdays and always surprising her spouse. He looks at her and thinks he’s the lucky one.


A Leo mother born in July is someone who is so family oriented. She’s the glue that keeps the family together even when they grow up. Always hosting holidays and doing it with a smile. As a mother, she is resilient and always does her best to hide when she’s struggling but Leo’s show every emotion on their face. She’s the mother that always steps up to plate and handles everything with grace even if it’s a lot. She always says yes when the kids need something and gets it done well. Of her best qualities is being someone they can rely on.

As a wife, a Leo in July has her moments of being stubborn. But does strive to work through things. She’s a good listener and takes constructive criticism well and strives to be a better wife. But she’s all about a husband meeting her halfway. While she might invest everything she has in her relationship she’s strong enough to not ever be taken for granted. It’s her strength that carries both the husband and the children.



A Leo mother born in August is the mother other mothers look at and wonder how she pulls everything off and does it with grace. From raising kids to having a job to keeping the marriage strong. Leo mothers do not get enough credit because they make it look easy. It’s the thank yous that go unsaid yet she keeps doing things. While she might not have moments of not being appreciated, she values the fact she is such a good mom striving to be the best knowing very well the kids are a reflection of her.

A Leo wife is someone who thrives when she’s supported loved and admired. While the kids might not say thank you all the time, her husband does appreciate and value her. Together these two are a power couple supporting and encouraging one another and constantly building the other person up to achieve everything they can amount to. She is someone who prides herself working through issues and together they come out on the other side holding hands stronger than before.


A Virgo mother born in August is someone who spends a lot of time worrying about the kids and little time sleeping. She’s always thinking about the next day and what needs to be done for them. She is a perfectionist and likes everything in her life to be a certain way. While this sometimes adds unnecessary pressure to her kids, it also instills work ethic and competitive nature of them wanting to do their best and most the time succeeding.

As a wife she is loyal and the thought of cheating isn’t something that has ever crossed her mind. When you have something good she knows there isn’t something better. To her marriage is another part of her life she wants to be good at. She strives to be the best wife and best partner she can be. As a result, her husband holds those same values and it’s a relationship the kids can look up to.



A Virgo mother born in September is one who leads with kindness, respect, and compassion. She teaches her kids to be modest and respect both themselves and others. She puts her best foot forward and always makes choices based on what’s right for her kids. Like any mother, their best interest and happiness are her number one priority. Because so much of her happiness is a reflection of theirs.

A Virgo wife born in September is someone who looks at marriage as a team thing. She knows the only way any marriage is successful is if two people put in 100% effort. She understands that there are going to be some days where her husband might only be able to give 40% and it’s up to her to give that 60%. That’s what marriage and healthy relationships are about. It’s not so much meeting someone halfway, it’s making up what they lack on days they don’t have it in them to give it their all and that’s okay.


A Libra mother is one of the kindest of all signs. She just has an air of goodness to her that touches not just the hearts of her children but everyone around her. She’s the one her kid’s friends turn to and confide in and trust. She’s the one who values being a mother but enjoys being their friend too. And she somehow pulls off both roles of the cool mom and a good one.

A Libra wife born in September is a hopeless romantic and loves every Nicholas Sparks movie no matter how old she gets she loves a good love story. But even more than fiction she loves the love story that is real and right in front of her. She hates fighting and will be the first to apologize even she’s isn’t wrong. Her greatest flaw is also her best. She sees the best in everyone and never gives up on people. In her marriage, she’s never going to be the one to walk away because she prides herself on fighting for love always.



A Libra mother born in October is one just as nice and compassionate. But has a little bit of an edge to her. She is naturally charming and gets along with everyone. She is the mother that keeps the kids laughing and makes the home feel like it’s a place they always want to be. She loves her kids with everything she has in her and shows it. In return is the unconditional love and appreciation of a child.

A Libra wife born in October is going to have an active social life. Women want to be her. Men want to date her but out of any sign, she is the most loyal priding herself on one relationship she can grow old with. She’s someone who will always push her partner to be his best and succeed. It’s her belief that makes him think he can do it.


A Scorpio mother born in October makes Halloween the most important holiday in their family tradition. Priding herself on kids who are dressed the best. She’s really a kid at heart eagerly waiting to eat the kid’s candy. While Scorpios have a bad rep, as a mother they are the most protective of any sign. You cross their kids or hurt their kids and you are going down. She becomes a protective mother bear and doesn’t care if it makes her look crazy.

A Scorpio partner is another one you gotta break down with time and patience. They won’t tell you how they feel. They are going to come across as cold and distant sometimes. In moments where vulnerability could be a reality, they cover it with sarcasm. While they might struggle in showing how they feel in a relationship you’ll always have a Scorpios loyalty and trust and those are two things they value more than anything.



A Scorpio mom born in November is one who is going to be the disciplinarian. She’s strict and sometimes really hard on the kids but does it with the best intentions. Her kids end up being the one who is best of their team and smartest in class. A Scorpio mother truly believes a child’s success is what happens at home and at home she raises them to be the best they can be.

A Scorpio wife born in November is one who loves the hardest but shows it the least. She is one of the most observant signs and will notice things about their partner even they don’t pick up on. She’s someone who is going to be blunt and say things like it is. In her house, she doesn’t tiptoe around issues she talks about it then works through it and that’s what makes the marriage successful.


A Sagittarius mother born in November is one of the more kinder and sympathetic signs. Nurturing. Understanding. Compassionate. All words to describe the way she mothers her children. Above all her, number one priority is to raise kids that are good people. She doesn’t care if they are good at sports or best in their class. She cares about the way they treat others. As a result, her kids turn out being the most liked for treating everyone the way their mother treated them.

As a wife, a Sagittarius born in November is one who holds those same values of kindness leading her relationship. That’s all she’s ever strived for a healthy relationship that treats her the way she treats everyone else. In marriage, she’ll always put her husband first and that’s their greatest conflict is she doesn’t ask for things. She loves harder than most signs and that’s why she needs a husband to value and appreciate her sensitivity.



A Sagittarius mother born in December puts being a mother above every other priority in her life. Her kids will always come first. Sometimes even before her marriage. To her, they are the most important people in her life and she always proves they can count on her.

As a wife, she realizes her flaw might be not putting as much into her relationship as she does being a mother. And as much as she loves her husband, the bond they share really is the love they have for their kids. It doesn’t mean the love isn’t real, it’s just changed over time from when they first exchanged vows.


A Capricorn mother born in December is one who is overprotective of her kids. What some consider a helicopter mom but truly just wants what is best for them. While she might have a tough exterior she really is softer than she appears. While she might struggle with emotions the result are kids who don’t that’s usually how it works. While they learn from her as a role model, she too learns from them.

As a wife a Capricorn born in December she’s selective with love but her husband is one of the few people who know how deeply she can. He values and appreciates her accepting even her flaws. A stubborn wife who doesn’t like admitting when she’s wrong but always shows through action how she feels.


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