He Pours White Vinegar Inside His Toilet Tank. Now Watch When He Flushes BRILLIANT!

The last room in the house that gets cleaned is the bathroom!

Everyone hates having to tackle the bathroom and deal with the toilet, mirrors, sink and the surrounding floors. Well, if it has to be done, you may as well do it as easy and effective as possible. This is where this hack comes into play!

These are 7 must-see bathroom cleaning tips as they provide easy as can be techniques for a bathroom that sparkles!

These cleaning tricks include:

  • Cleaning your mirrors with newspapers and tea
  • Removing water stains on fixtures with the acid from lemons
  • Washing nasty toothbrush holders and soap dispensers in the dishwasher
  • Using vinegar to clean the toilet
  • Keeping your toilet brush clean by adding all-purpose cleaner to the holder (this is genius!)

Seriously, these will not only clean better than ever, but its actually cheaper as they show you how to use vinegar as a superior cleaning agent and great alternative to the chemical crap you usually have to inhale while cleaning. They actually show you how you can basically just dump some in the tank and create a self cleaning toilet. Theres also methods for using tea bags for cleaning and other effective short cuts.

Check this out and be sure to share it with all your friends and family so they can have a clean as can be bathroom as well!

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