Hallucinating Girl Thinks Shes Choking On A Penis After Having Her Wisdom Teeth Taken Out

I’m not particularly clued up on teeth and it’s been more than two years since I last went to the dentist but what I do know is that I’ve got a wisdom tooth growing in sideways at the bottom left of my mouth. It doesn’t hurt or anything but is incredibly annoying because I have to carry a toothpick around with me all the time now becausefood always gets stuck in there.

My main reason for not getting it sorted out is the money. I can’t be going around getting teeth taken out left, right and centre; I might be paying for some kids to go to university in 30 years or so… Also, you have to be chaperoned because, after theanesthetic, you’re in no fit state to do anything, hallucinating all over the place. Basically, I’m scared I’ll say some stupid shit and end up on YouTube…

Like this girl, for instance. Whilst doped up, she claimed that she was choking on something and, when her parents probed as to what said obstruction was, they got a kicker of an answer…

I’m choking on a big fat black dick!

She’s too young to be chocking on a dick, isn’t she? Big, black or otherwise…

So I’m not a doctor or anything but does anesthetic make you hallucinate about things that are totally plucked out of thin air or do the hallucinations play on your subconscious? Like would she have had that on her mind at all?

Either way, here’s to hoping she doesn’t feel the repercussions to being publicly laughed at. All in good fun, right..?

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