Guy Picked From The Crowd Shocks Everybody By Dunking Over Basketball Legends

While hosting “NBA House” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, NBA legends Gary Payton and Glen Rice got quite the surprise when fans were pulled from the crowd and invited to show off their dunking skills.

The pros were left feeling stunned after one fan asked nine-time NBA All-Star Gary Payton to hold the ball for him while he set up for a dunk. Payton, not knowing who the confident young man was, obliged…only to be blown away as he dunked like one of the pros.

The man who was “randomly” pulled from the crowd wasn’t just a fan. Boasting a 50-inch vertical jump, this was none other than professional dunker Jordan Kilganon. The 23-year-old basketball sorcerer from Ontario, Canada, had been planted at the event to fool the NBA legends, who were obviously blown away by the whole thing.

How priceless were their faces?

I just love how stunned the pros were by Kilganon’s moves. You can’t help but marvel at skills like those!

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