Girl Baked In Oven By Mother As Baby Goes To High School, Gets Unexpected News About Mom

Finding your 14-month-old daughter inside of an oven has to be the most horrific things ever to experience as a parent. Thats exactly what Robert Smith went through in 2002 as his daughter was in the oven of his Prattville, Alabama, home. Most will assume the girl had crawled in their by accident. Unfortunately the truth in this situation is more gruesome. Yes, she was put in there.

It was her mother, Melissa Wright, who actually took all the racks out, set to 600 degrees boil, and then placed little Ashley inside. She survived, but third-degree burns and 28 surgeries over the course of 10 years was the result.

Shes now 15 and entering high school. She made a call recently regarding her mother. She wanted to make sure her parole was denied.

The mom was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2003. She plead guilty to attempted murder. At first she told police that it was an accident. That Ashley had fallen out of her arms and somehow landed into the oven, with the door close behind her. That proved untrue, and eventually the truth did come out when she said that “voices told her to put the baby in the oven.”

Early release was being considered in July of this year. She was denied it.

They went on to make a further request as Ashley and her lawyer wanted future parole hearings be pushed back to the maximum of five years. So its 2021 where she will be eligible once again.

Courtney Brenson is Ashleys sister. She was 8-years-old at the time. She actually supported an early release be given to her mother.

Heres what Courtney had to say:

“I went to visit her multiple times. She went through classes for mental health. She has been through child-abuse classes. She has actually got the help she needs. She is on the right medication to help her with her mental illness. I feel like she has changed. When I go visit her, I can actually see the difference in her.”

But Ashley disagrees. She gives the reason having to do with her young niece and nephew.

Heres what Ashley had to say:

“I think Melissa should stay in prison a few more years before she gets out. They are about the same ages as me and Courtney when this happened. I honestly do not trust her and Im afraid for their safety. I cant imagine anybody being in as much pain as I was in.”

Ashley also said the following:

“I do not hate Melissa, but I do not love her. I forgave Melissa.”

Ashley went on to be raised by her aunt and uncle, who were on her father’s side of the family. She basically considers them her parents, and also states that her mother never apologized for her actions.

Ashleys future is remaining bright. She hopes to someday be a surgeon at a childrens hospital. She does not want the trauma she has undergone throughout the years to hold her back from moving forward as strongly as possible.

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