Four-Year-Old Saves Her Mom’s Life And Gets A Police Award For Her Bravery

Four year-olds are still just toddlers, but Suzie McCash is one incredibly special kid.

Suzie remained more clear-headed than many adults would when her mother, Rowena, collapsed. Rowena had injected herself with an EpiPen twice, but she still stopped breathing due to an allergic reaction. When she fell, Suzie knew just what to do.

Suzie called 9-9-9, the United Kingdom’s equivalent of 9-1-1. On the phone, she spoke with an operator, and their full conversation was recorded.

Suzie told the paramedics, “Mummy hasn’t answered yet, I don’t know why, but she hasn’t answered yet.” She continued, “She’s just sitting on the sofa doing nothing.”

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