Father Makes Unexpected Find In Disabled Daughters Trick Or Treat Bag (Photo)

A young disabled girl came to his house to trick-or-treat, and this California man did something very special.

Timothy Joe Winn lives in Antioch, California. While he was out trick-or-treating with his daughter Alyssa, they stopped at a residence on Bethel Island. The man at the residence put a $10 bill into Alyssa’s bag, while saying the following:

“This is for the wheelchair maintenance.

Only when they got home and opened up his daughters Halloween bag, they discovered that it was actually a $100 bill, not a ten dollar bill that the father had initially thought.

Winn then told his wife as he was shocked by the very generous treat.

Heres what Winn had to say:

“Its just over the top. We live in a pretty rough neighborhood and you usually dont hear about random acts of kindness like this.”

His daughter Alyssa suffers from cerebral palsy and a degenerative brain disease. She cant move around without the aid of a wheelchair.

(Timothy Winn’s daughter Alyssa. Photo Credit: Timothy Winn viaCBS San Francisco)

He then shared the story on Facebook. The anonymous man then received massive praise for his amazing generosity.

Some of the comments included the following:

“Its nice to know there’s still good people out here.

“Wonderful way to help ease someone’s burden.

Meanwhile, Alyssa’s mother, Rachelle Metcalf, made some comments herself:

“The random acts of kindness are amazing. Pay it forward has always been my way of living life. Glad to see there are others out there that believe this too.”

The post has gone viral and continues to get more likes and shares by the hour.

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