Every Day She Said Hello To This Homeless Man. But One Day He Handed Her A Piece Of Paper

Heres a story of a poet who toils away for years, with the goal of just getting a little better each day.

He believed in his art, but it took just one other person to put some faith in this guy for a true transformation to occur. Shaila Monteiro went onto the island were Sobrinho had been living for 35 years. She introduced herself and a spark occurred between the two. He had given her a poem, and from that point on she knew he would be a part of her life. Sobrinho wanted to publish his poems. Shaila decided to help.

She started a Facebook page for him featuring his poems and over 100,000 likes later it is clear this guy has finally acquired the following hes deserved. Not only did he acquire a strong fan base, he also acquired a lost connection.

After 57 years I was able to find you. It was Sobrinhos brother. The brother talks about his experience arriving on the island:

When I arrived at the Island I found a man in the midst of garbage, hairy and unshaved. The brother then insisted that he come and live with his family in Goinia, Brazil. It turns out that Sobrinho was a critical piece to the family, and while missing all these years, that piece left a gaping hole that seemed never to be filled. Until now that is. He was the one missing to complete the emptiness we had, said his brother.

Shaila not only reunited the brothers after a nearly six decade absence, she was also able to bring attention to this homeless mans art, which is now being read worldwide. Facebook itself was so moved by this story that it featured the film as one of ten to represent the social media sites 10th year anniversary and the celebration of being able to connect people throughout the world.

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