Did You Notice Chandler Almost Cracking Up In This Touching Friends Scene?

Given how funny Friends is, we’re sure that the cast were cracking up about every five minutes. We’d just have thought that it was usually during the comedy scenes, and not during the sadder, more emotional moments.

But, of course, things never run smoothly…

Maggie Wheeler – who played Janice – recently got interviewed by Cosmopolitan, and she recalled a time when her and Matthew Perry were struggling to keep a straight face.

Talking about the scene where Chandler confronts Janice, having just found out that she was cheating on him with her ex-husband, Maggie explained:

“Chandler discovers that I’ve been fooling around with my ex-husband and I’m breathing into a paper bag. I’m hyperventilating and we had rehearsed it many times, and every time he would just grab the bag gently and the air would just exit it.”

When they filmed it in front of a live, studio audience, however, things didn’t exactly go to plan:

“The adrenaline was pumping and we were in the middle of the sceneand he was like ‘do you love him?’ yes ‘do you love me?’ yes and he just grabbed the bag with more force than he had in any rehearsal and it popped. By the grace of God I was able to hide my face in the bag, but you can see if you look at it, he almost cracks up.

Now, we never noticed this before, but you can totally see both Maggie and Matthew trying not to crack up:

There’s totally a smile on that face, right??

We’re not sure we would have been able to keep from laughing..

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