Dave Chappelle Gives Rave Review of Michelle Wolfs WHCD Set: I Thought It Was Beautiful

On Monday night, two days after comedian Michelle Wolf delivered a divisive roast routine during the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, several comediansfrom Judd Apatow to Jimmy Kimmel to Wolfs former employer Seth Meyershave come to her defense.

Now, you can add Dave Chappelles name to the mix.

Speaking to PBS NewsHour, the legendary stand-up comic voiced his support for Wolf and criticized the backlash shes received from those on the left and rightincluding a number of journalists who ostensibly wish to maintain a degree of access to the administration, like The New York Times Maggie Haberman and NBC News Andrea Mitchell, who either misinterpreted or intentionally misrepresented Wolfs jokes about White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

I really respected what I saw. I dont know who those people are that sheshe cant say that to them, cause they offend people all the time, Chappelle said of the Trump administrations pushback against Wolf. And I think that for many people, not everybody who watched it, but for many people, its cathartic to watch that woman speak truth to power like that.

He continued: And whether they understand it or not, there was an enormous amount of levity in what she did. But it was very flat-footed and it was grounded in her truth, and whether I agree with it or not, I gotta respect the artistry. I gotta respect the gangsta. I know how hard it is to do what she did in front of that lame-ass crowd. And sheI think she nailed it. I thought it was beautiful. And II didnt see her pander once and I thought that was beautiful.

There is a connection here too: Chappelle is best friends with comedian Chris Rock, whos been a mentor to Wolf. She recently told The Daily Beast that she helped write jokes for him when he hosted the Oscars, and later opened for him on a European tour.

Wolfs new Netflix show, The Break, premieres on the streaming service May 27.

Source: http://www.thedailybeast.com

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