Couple Find Out They Were Born On The Same Day, But The Coincidences Just Keep Getting Weirder

Most of us would be stunned to meet someone with the same birthday as us. This couple is taking that coincidence to the next level, though. Not only was this couple born on the same day but they were also born at the exact same hospital. Anthony and Jamie Burkett’s love story is one of the most improbable tales that we have ever seen. To think that it all started with one simple swipe right…

They met on the popular dating site three years ago and immediately hit it off. When Anthony revealed his e-mail to Jamie, she realized that there was something stronger than simple attraction that was bringing them together. The digits that were included at the end of the e-mails were very familiar to her. 11493 was showing up on her iMessages from Anthony and she realized that they had more in common than she could have ever imagined.


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