Cops Arrive To Investigate Report Of Elderly Couple Crying, Quickly Discover What Happened

It was not your average police call. An odd report of loud crying was what prompted four officers to arrive at this Rome apartment. Inside they found 84-year-old Jole and her 94-year-old husband, Michele. The crying appeared to be from watching TV.

It was the news and Jole had asked Michele the question of why there was so much hate in the world. There was no answer to the question, and the two both broke out in tears. Very loud crying continued, to the point where police were called.

Turns out the couple of 70 years were extremely lonely. No one ever visits them. Their only friend was the TV set.

Officers proceeded to then do something amazing. Cook them a meal. It was a simple plate of spaghetti with butter and Parmesan, but the act was about as complex and compassionate as it gets.

They sat with the couple and chatted. They would end up telling their story to social media. It went viral, receiving comments such as the following:

“I’m from Rome and I am so happy to know that in my city there are police officers like this…a beautiful story.

“When I read things like this I tend to re evaluate my approach to life. I need to be nicer to people, care more and not be so self absorbed.”

When they found out no crime was going on, the officers knew their job was just starting. They proceeded to provide comfort to the couple, in a way that no doubt they will never forget and now hopefully they will have many new friends thanks to social media.

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