Copenhagen Trolls Trump With Genius Bus Ad, And You Have To See What Happens When Bus Moves

If the 2016 Presidential Election has done anything for the comedians of our time it’s given them plenty of material to work with for the next couple decades.

That’s not something anyone should be taking as a good thing here though, I mean if we were talking about almost any other profession outside of politics it wouldn’t be such a bad thing, but this is the future of our country here. The future of ourselves. As such there have been many heated arguments between the members of both parties and all those who fall in line with their ideologies, but every once in a while those arguments tend to utilize funny props. We’ve seen billboard ads, lawn signs and graffiti all across the United States, but this is one of the first times a foreign country has decided to get involved.

Thanks to the Socialist Peoples Party, a full ad was purchased to be used on a traveling bus, and it’s one of the funniest ads we’ve ever seen. Regardless whether you’re pro or anti Trump, the guy does have a funny look about him and this bus just works with it. That, and a good pair of googley eyes can make just about anything funny…


The ad was taken out in Copenhagen in order to help convince Americans living abroad to throw their votes in as well. The US is large and powerful enough that our decisions affect the rest of the world as well, so there’s no reason Denmark wouldn’t want people to make a smart and sensible decision.

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