Clown prankster complains hes the victim after being pistol whipped by the man he scared

A prankster who makes videos and posts them online decided to jump on the clown bandwagon and try to scare people.

Despite all the danger being reported in regards to people dressing up as clowns and getting hurt when others find their prank threatening, Sadiq Mohammad still went ahead, dressed himself up as a clown and did what media and law enforcement has been warning against. And indeed, guess what ends up happening? He gets pistol whipped by a guy who isnt going to be part of his lame prank.

The idiot is hiding in the bushes when the guy walks by. Sadiq, all dressed up as a creepy clown, then jumps out trying to scare the passerby. The guy from Stockton seems more pissed off than scared, but hes not taking any chances with this fool so he pistol whips his ass. His gun comes out, but he decides against shooting the clown, and instead hits him over the head with it.

Meanwhile Sadiq is apparently trying to tell him its some sort of prank, but the victim puts his weapon up, and informs him that he better get out of his space immediately. Check out this whole bizarre encounter and see how lucky the prankster was for not getting his head blown off!

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