Chrissy Teigen Shut Down John Legend On Twitter, And It Was Hilarious

Up in the big leagues withAnna Kendrick and maybe even Ryan Reynolds, Chrissy Teigen is pretty much perfect at Twitter.

Tweeting whatever’s on her mind – whether it’s about the social issues of today, or her newborn daughter Luna, or just a witty observation on, say, the VMAs – Chrissy’s feed is a (usually hilarious, often socially-conscious) treat (if you don’t follow her, you probably should).

Barely a day goes by when she doesn’t tweet something funny, but earlier this week, replying to her husband, Grammy award winning singer John Legend, she crafted a comeback that has made the internet laugh particularly hard:


This isn’t the first time Chrissy has hit the headlines for shutting someone down on Twitter – earlier this year, her response to Piers Morgan criticising her job went viral:

She’s also pretty consistently funny:


Next up, check out how people reacted when Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram:

Image Credits: Getty, Christine Teigen

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