Cards Against Humanity Continues to Troll Black Friday With Digging of Big, Stupid Hole

For the third straight year, the team at Cards Against Humanity continued to troll Black Friday while diminishing our collective faith in humanity.

This year the team accepted donations in order to dig a big, stupid hole. $5 kept the diggers going for an additional 16 seconds, and the team managed to raise a whopping US$100,573. Oh and they live streamed the entire thing on YouTube (embedded below). Check out the emails they sent to their customers:

On their Holiday Hole microsite, the sentiment is simple: “As long as money keeps coming in, we’ll keep digging.” For those with questions, the team has answers:

And without further adieu, here’s a 4+ hour video of a big, stupid hole being dug that people paid US$100,573 to have done. For more information visit

That’s right. Roughly 30,000 people bought a box of $#!t from the company and got exactly what they were promised. For those that no longer wish to live on this planet, I think some people were talking about colonizing Mars :)

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