Can a safe hold up against the hydraulic press?

Personal safety and security are a large topic to consider in 2016 and it’s not something that can be solved with a simple answer, but we try anyways.

Our politicians and elected officials constantly attempt to oversimplify the larger picture in order to stall for time while certain people make money off of it. People like the folks who build and utilize hydraulic presses. Thanks to this shocking recording from the Hydraulic Press Channel we can get a clear view of how simple it would be for anyone to steal your belongings – they just need a press. There’s also rumors that lock and safe makers are benefitting from this issue as well, but we’ll let you decide that for yourself.

The HPC decided to prove once and for all the uselessness of small home safes with this insider video. It takes less than five seconds for the press to apply enough force to completely destroy the structural integrity of the metal safe designed to keep your items safe. That means in less than five seconds any novice thief can gain access to your most valued possessions. Doesn’t the name Safe imply your crap would be?

Hopefully as this video continues it’s circulation we can finally discuss what’s being done about the collusion between thieves and safe makers, because this has gone far enough! Really though, watching that solid hunk of metal squash down like butter is oddly satisfying – all that’s left for them to do is to press a press.

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