Bulls Die Instantly After Clashing Headfirst In Arena

With the world’s attitude to animal cruelty and such, with SeaWorld being constantly chastised in regards to their treatment of Orcas and people breaking into parked cars because there’s a dog heating up in there, it’s surprising thatbull fighting is still going strong.

Some people can and do argue on behalf of bull fighting, saying that the bulls themselves have fantastic lives when being reared but, on the flip side, people fairly argue that being killed for sport by a man wearing ludicrously tight and sparkly clothes is no walk in the park.

Tofuel the latter argument, a video has come to light of two bulls clashing and, instantly, dying whilst being paraded inthe arena in Sanguesa, Navarra, Spain before facing the matador.

This video might be upsetting to those who don’t want to see two bulls die… basically everyone:

To be fair, this is more like what would happen in bull fighting didn’t exist and they were just roaming in the wild. Bulls fight – it’s like one of their things. Still, though, it’s not really great to watch and they were probably spooked into attacking each other by the screaming crowds and such.

One critic said “At least this spared them from being tortured slowly.”

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