Brock Turners Home Is Surrounded By Armed Protesters With Scathing Messages

After serving only three months of his extremely short six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was released from prison on Friday.

He violated an unconscious woman at night, behind a dumpster, before two passers-by saw what he was doing. He immediately made a run for it, and they gave chase – eventually tackling him and holding him until police came. One of these two men cried when he told the police about what he had seen.

But despite the crime he committed, Turner came out with just a six month sentence. The judge on the case said he didn’t want to ‘waste’ Turner’s talent in the swimming pool. Turner’s dad begged people to stop attacking his son because of ’20 minutes of action’. Meanwhile, the victim wrote and delivered a heart-wrenching statement about the attack, in which she explained ‘You took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my safety, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice, until today.’

He has now returned to his family home in Ohio after his very short stay in prison, and has been given five days to register as a Tier III sex offender with his local police sheriff.

According to WHIO, Sherriff Fisher said:

“We’re going to treat him like every other sex offender that comes through the doors. We will go down to his house where he is living to confirm he is living there. We will pop in unannounced from time to time to make sure he’s living where he says he’s living.”

He might be out of jail, but his neighbours aren’t going to let him forget his crime for a long while. Armed protesters have been outside his house, angry signs are being scrawled across the roads and pavements in chalk and his parents are allegedly worried for his safety.

One person scrawled ” “Its [sic] your job to hold your son/self responsible so he/you don’t hurt my daughters,” in chalk on the pavement outside his house, and another had written ‘rapist’ in large letters with an arrow pointing toward the Turner residence.

Several open carry citizens, armed with large weapons, also protested outside the house. One had a sign that read “If I rape Brock Turner I will only get 3 months” and another’s sign read “shoot your local rapist”.

Another sign read ‘If it wasn’t rape, they why’d you run?’.

It looks like Brock Turner and his family won’t be forgetting about this for a while.

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