Bodycam Footage Proves Officer Was RIGHT to Shoot the Armed Man Whose Death Started the Milwaukee Riots

The tragic shooting of 23-year-old Sylville Smith turns out to have been justified, at least according to Milwaukees mayor and police chief who have announced that the bodycam footage will without a doubt support what went down.

The shooting had set off riots all across the city as it appeared as if another black man was taken out by police in a rush to judgement.

One person was actually shot during the second night of protests which took place.

The incident that has sparked outrage all began when Smith, who is black, was gunned down by a black police officer.

But the video footage, yet released, shows that the shooting was indeed lawful according to Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn.

Apparently Smith was gunned down when he turned to the officer, raising his gun.

Meanwhile Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, during a press conference, stated that there was no question that Smith had a gun in his hand according to a still photo he saw from the footage.

Apparently Smith had more firepower than the officer, this according to the mayor who also added that there were 23 rounds in Smiths gun, and he refused to drop the weapon.

They say he was behaving suspiciously and thats why they pulled him over.

But it would only be 20-25 seconds later, and Smith would be shot dead.

Within that time the chief says that he ran a few dozen feet, and thats when he turned and was holding his gun.

The chief said the following:

It was in his hand. He was raising up with it.

He was hit in the chest and arm after allegedly being told to drop the piece. The officer, who was on the force for 3 years, feared for his life says the chief, so he shot the man dead. As is protocol, he is on administrative duty.

The police chief hopes the bodycam footage will be released soon so no more violence will occur in the city.

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