An American Horror Story Maze Is On Its Way In Time For Halloween

The people at Universal Studios were trying to decide what to do for their Halloween themed celebrations, when it struck them. American Horror Story.

It seems obvious, but in a press release Universal admitted it was the most asked for attraction by punters.

The pretty terrifying maze will be a part of their annual ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ based in the Universal Studios in both Orlando and Hollywood.

Since itgraced the world with it’s presencein 2011, American Horror Story has won 13 Emmys, two Golden Globes, four Critics Choice Awards and one Peoples Choice Award, and now it has it will have it’s own real life horror maze.

Stupid people who pay to go to this thing and be given nightmares will be able to stroll through the Murder House from Season 1, experience the Freak Show from Season 4 and then finally, try and survive the Hotel Cortez from Season 5.

Were excited to let them know that we listened to[the fans] and are bringing American Horror Story to life, said Creative Director at Universal Studios.

Last year’s Halloween Horror Nights was Michael Myers themed, and looked like quite the experience.

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Lead image: Universal Studios / Twentieth Century Fox

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