After He Got Cancer, They Took Him Off Life Support. Then A Miracle Saved Him

Not long after three-year-old Dylan Askin was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer, he had a seizure and was put on life support. Both of his tiny lungs had collapsed. His parents made the devastating decision to take him off life support.

Mike and Kerry Askin told their six-year-old son, Bryce, that Dylan was not coming back. They had their young son baptized and tearfully said their goodbyes. When life support was pulled, doctors also stopped the drip of muscle sedatives. That’s when something incredible started to happen.

Without the sedatives, Dylan’s legs began to move. Doctors couldn’t explain it, but they knew that the little boy had a chance after all.

His parents and big brother were astounded. Brycen said, “Oh, he’s like Jesus then.” Indeed, the young boy seemed to be back from the dead.

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Looking at him now, you’d never believe that this is the same child everyone expected to die.

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