A Trump Fan Just Hung Two Black Dummies From A Tree In His Front Yard

People have made mountains of mistakes in the past and we’re likely to make mountains more before we really have it all sink in. The fact of the matter is that without making mistakes there might not be any progress to speak of at all, but there are still certain ones that have already been made that make zero sense to repeat.

Take the racist views of our ancestors for example, these people didn’t know any better than to look at the color of someone’s skin. Obviously this isn’t the right way to go about things in the slightest, but those mistakes were already made – why do some people insist on continuing to make it? What’s worse, this election seems to be bringing it out in people!

Take this ill conceived “Halloween decoration” for example; this Trump supporting homeowner decided that he would decorate his lawn with two, lynched, black mannequins hanging from a tree. The fake people are wearing “hip-hop style” clothing and are faceless. This is in the wake of every nationwide incident involving racism and racist actions, but the homeowner didn’t see anything wrong with it. He actually had the audacity to claim that it was for tolerance’s sake!

According to Miami’s New Times:

“There needs to be a hell of a lot of hate in your heart to think lynching people on Halloween is funny. And yet, here we are, Miami. A homeowner in Three Lakes, a small community in suburban Kendall, is celebrating the holiday by lynching two black-looking dummies in his or her yard. Its also impossible to ignore whats just in front of the display on the same lawn: A Trump/Pence 2016 sign.

The two men are faceless, but their skin appears to be dark. Theyre each wearing traditionally hip-hop clothing: One of the dead men has a sports jersey on and a crooked baseball cap, and the other has his pants sagged low. Black activists have been circulating the photos on Facebook all day and calling for a quick response from the neighborhood. The communitys property manager, Orelys Canas, tells New Times theyve contacted the homeowner and asked him or her to remove the installation.”

The homeowners argument is fairly flimsy to even the most untrained eye, “I’m pretending to hang black people so they know it’s not a big deal!” Even after being asked to take it down they have refused; I guess it all goes to show that they know it’s racist and simply don’t care. That’s one of the biggest problems this election has brought with it – it’s now alright to be a racist. What a shame this year is turning out to be.

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