A Kid Posted This Angry Tweet After Her Parents Gave Her $7,500 Instead Of A Macbook For Christmas

We just finished Christmas 2016, but one year ago after Christmas 2015, someonewas a unhappy camper.

@BlockedHarry threwa tantrum on Twitter because they didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas. They apparently asked their parents for a brand new top-tier Macbook, and instead, they gifted a glass chess set and $7,500 instead.

“Harry”didn’t feel this was an appropriate gift after they asked for a Macbook:

Nobody understood this reaction. And people said so:

In only one hour, this savage response to “Harry” got over 1000 likes and 600 retweets.

Not long after, @blockedharry changed their Twitter handle because they couldn’t understand the “haters” who were “ganging up” on them.

Since then, someone else has taken the Twitter handle @blockedharry and they are in no way connected to this spoiled brat so don’t flame them.

Wherever you are original @BlockedHarry, I hope you got coal for Christmas this year.

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