A couple finds a hidden lunchbox from 1951 behind a wall in their house. Whats inside it nearly blows their mind!

They had been living in this 1940s-era house for quite a while now. Theyve spent time refurbishing the rooms, but have put off on having to tackle the dreaded basement. But now it was finally time. What seems like a tedious task, turns out to be the adventure of a lifetime!

First the basement ceiling needs to be removed completely. Massive dust is layered thickly behind the ceiling. The result of decades of accumulation.

And then theres the grey and green lunchbox. Oh great, someone left their decades old sandwich up here!

Indeed the layer of grime indicates this thing has been here forever. And its being held together by a moldy shoelace. No telling what the massive mold on the food inside will look like.

Of course they have to open it to cancel out the slight possibility that anything but food could be inside this thing. Here it goes!

They pull on the nasty shoelace, and inside are several packages wrapped up in wax paper. Was it worse than they thought? Not just one, but numerous moldy sandwiches?

There is also newspaper, now a deep yellow, stuffed in there from March 25 of 1951. So indeed this is a very old box of lunch!

They unwrap the packets. Yet instead of moldy green, hardened sandwiches, a different kind of hardened-green was present. Cold hard cash! Fat wads of $20 bills!

Theres another bundle. Once again, no moldy sandwiches, but more cold hard cash! This one is different though. Its a bundle of 50s!

Theres one more bundle, and again, its cash. This one is even different than the first two. This one is 100s!

Rather than a lunchbox full of moldy ham on rye sandwiches, the family is now staring at $23,000.

The couple decides to hire a lawyer to get the full details regarding their lucrative find of bills that were from the years between 1928 and 1934.

The first owner, an elderly woman, ended up dying some years ago. In the end, the cash is indeed theirs to keep. It had been literally stashed right underneath them for all the years theyve been in the house. They plan on putting it towards further basement renovations.

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