A cheesy karate pose does nothing for this bully, who gets floored with one punch

Kung Fu movies are some of the most entertaining films to hit the big screen, which is proven with the plethora of them.

If you want to go with the classics you can check out some of Bruce Lee’s films or most of the 90’s hits with Jet Lee. Ip Man has some of the best fight scenes in the more recent movies and even the first Ang Bak. You could even go for the more comedic route and watch something with Jackie Chan. The point is that no matter what type of mood you’re in there’s a martial arts movie out there that’ll fit the bill, which has gotten more than a few people young and old to take more of an interest in karate in general. The one thing to remember however is that no matter how many of these movies you watch you’ll never become a professional fighter off those alone.

There are two men in the video below who are relevant to the story, the first being a larger African American and the second a much smaller and scrawnier white guy. Somehow an altercation was started between the two and it appears as though the blonde woman was involved from before “record” was pressed. There’s no telling what started the fight, but when the larger guy takes up a pseudo-mantis stance the smaller one just sends a strong right jab forward, knocking the larger guy out.

Just because you know the methods doesn’t mean your body is capable of following through with them in the slightest, it’s probably best people start remembering that before whipping out their “karate moves”. All it took was a single punch and that guy’s macho demeanor was instantly crumbled; it just goes to show he needs to find himself a Miyagi.

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