31 Horror Movies Streaming On Netflix For Every Day Of October

Tiger House

An underrated home invasion gem you may not have heard of about a girl who sneaks into her boyfriend’s house only to be trapped when her his family is under attack.

Dark Signal

A killer movie about a group of women who realize they’re the targets.


If you liked Julliane Hough in but you kind of wished it was a horror movie instead…

Taking Lives

Technically a thriller, not a horror movie, but there’s a moment in this movie that haunts me every time I turn out the lights and get into bed without checking underneath first.

Come Back to Me

A movie not many have heard of but with a genuinely good twist ending.

Children of the Corn

This franchise gets a lot of grief, the but the original is still scary after all these years. Up the ante by reading the Stephen King short story and then watching.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

The unnerving horror classic. Watch if you have not seen.

The Sixth Sense

If you’re like me, you didn’t think to rewatch this one since it came out almost 20 years ago because you already know the big ending. This suspenseful thriller is worth a rewatch, however, and it’s scares hold up.

Sleepy Hollow

Nothing like a nice murder mystery starring Johnny Depp.

It Follows

One of the best horror films of the last decade.


If you haven’t seen this yet, you’re missing out. It’s a new twist on a classic serial killer slasher movie.


A fresh feeling horror anthology of scary stories. There are two other movies in the V/H/S series that are streaming, so you could make it a trilogy night!

The Invitation

It was hard to see where this one was going to go, but the twist was upsetting and worth it. A group of old friends meet for a dinner party, but the host has a proposition not everyone will want to get on board with…

13 Cameras

The man in this is terrifying. Don’t watch this alone if you’re a renter.

The Girl in the Photographs

Wes Craven executive produced this slash film about a killer who takes photographs of his victims.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Worth adding to your watch list for when you need a break from horror, or to have something on hand you can watch with your family and still stay in the Halloween spirit.


During a weekend storm a young woman isn’t as alone in her apartment as she thinks.


They’ve made five of these films, it’s just good campy fun.

The Astronaut’s Wife

A sci-fi thriller with genuinely scary moments, for a lighter night.


A girl at her deserted college campus is terrorized by masked madmen over a holiday weekend.


A genuinely creepy flick about a couple honeymooning at a remote cabin.

The Rezort

A dystopian future in which people go on “big game” hunting trips to zombie infested reserves.

The Houses October Built

A perfect Halloween movie that follows a camera crew investigating the absolute scariest haunted houses.


A beloved sleeper hit that’s getting a sequel next year.

The Craft

Has a few scary moments if you’re afraid of snakes, but mostly worth the watch for the wardrobe inspiration.


I’ve never heard anyone else talk about this movie, but it genuinely scared me. A small group on a camping trip run into some bad news strangers.

Beyond the Gates

Two brothers clean up their dad’s stuff after he goes missing and find a mysterious VHS that may explain where he went.

Be Afraid

A man’s insomnia coincides with supernatural beings interacting with his son.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

The beginning of Leatherface.

The Holidays

Only a true horror fan would appreciate an anthology that helps you put a dark spin on holiday.

Perfect Stranger

More of a thriller than a horror film, but dark and unsettling all the same.

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