29 Injured After Explosion In New York

An explosion in the Chelsea area of New York – believed to have been deliberately caused by an “explosive device” placed in a dumpster – has injured 29 people.

Police have found – and successfully removed – another device (a “pressure cooker with dark coloured wiring coming out of the top”) from a few blocks away.

It is believed that this second device was attached to a phone.

The surrounding area is currently being searched by specialist units, determining that there are no other devices.

Security has been increased across the city,but mayor Bill De Blasio is urging people that there is no “credible and specific threat”. While he has announced that the blast was “intentional”, he has also said at this point, there is no evidence that it is linked to any particular terrorist organisation.

Hilary Clinton has also made a statement on the ongoing situation:

Of the 29 people injured in the blast, one is serious, but all are expected to survive.

H/T CNN, Guardian

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