20+ Times Genius Kids Came Up With Their Own Words For Common Items, And It Was Spot On

One moment a child might cry because a microwave ate his lunch, the next they’re spitting out words so beautiful, not even a poet could make them up. A couple of days ago, author Tessa Dare shared the term her friend’s daughter used to describe a crow. Halloween eagle. “And a child shall lead us. It is known,” Tessa tweeted. “This is the new name for the bird-formally-known-as-crow. You know what to do, Merriam Webster.” Admiring the creativity, parents turned to Twitter with their own. Thus, we now know that rhino could just as well be called a battle unicorn. Or ravioli should be sold as pasta pockets instead. Bored Panda has collected the funniest definitions kids have in their vocabularies, and they’re better than yours will ever be. Continue scrolling to read the entries and upvote your favorites.

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