20 Photos That Remind Us How Incredible The World Is

It’s a wild and woolly world out there. For as normal and uneventful as most of our lives are, there are so many things to see and do on a daily basis, anywhere in the world. What’s perfectly ordinary for us might be completely bizarre to someone else. The same goes for professions, architecture, plants, and animals – everything.

There’s no real normal. Just what’s normal to us. Sometimes we need a small reminder of that. It’s a beautiful, diverse world. We’re just living in it.

1. Kane Peterson’s 300-meter-high tightrope walk.

2. A diver surrounded by thousands of jellyfish in Palau.

3. Photographer Alex Bernasconi capturing the perfect shot at the ends of the earth.

4. The view from the roof of Milan’s Duomo, spires, gargoyles and all.

5. Kurt Perschke’s big red ball, an art project that changes locations daily.

6. The simple joy of heart-shaped cuddle dogs.

7. Fishing boats heading out in hopes of a great catch.

8. The wreck of the Mar Sem Fim in Antarctica, one of the southernmost shipwrecks you’re likely to ever see.

9. An eight-ton block of tofu? Yep.

10. Most people only ever see a scallop wrapped in bacon.

11. The apocalyptic denizens of the Wasteland Festival.

12. The amazing lighting created by the frozen palaces of the Harbin Ice and Snow Featival.

13. Two hopefuls in the World Beard and Mustache Championships.

14. This is exactly what it looks like.

15. He is the walrus. Chutkotka, Russia.

16. Imagine watching a movie on this screen, which is also the roof of the O2 arena in London.

17. Squirrels don’t always wear clothes, but when they do, they do it up right.

18. It’s a long walk up, but the view is incredible in Prora, Germany.

19. Humans will wait in line for just about anything, but especially a massive sale.

20. They’re particularly rare, but mammatus clouds are one of the more incredible things you’ll ever see in the sky.

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