15+ Mind-Twisting Surreal Illustrations By Guy Billout That Will Make You Look Twice

French surrealist Guy Billout is responsible for some of the most awesomely mind-bending illustrations you’ll see out there. The key to his works is that they don’t just shout “surrealism”, but usually feature settings that look totally realistic until one detail turns everything around.

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Guy Billout finished his art training in France, in the city of Beaune. Which then led him into advertising, where he spent a few years before coming to New York City in 1969. That’s where his career really took off after a successful publication in the New York Magazine.

This allowed Billout to express himself freely in his works, unleashing his surreal mind which the artist later shared with the biggest US media outlets like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, and many more, including even several books, like the collection of Greek mythology.

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